Coaching Support

The Portswood Teaching School Alliance is committed to using coaching as a key lever for school improvement. This model has also been applied in school to school support work and has had a significant impact upon standards in supported schools.

The coaching referred to involves all forms of coaching but focuses particularly on in-class direct coaching of teachers. This includes ‘Parrot on the shoulder coaching’ and direct modelling of classroom techniques as well as encouraging reflection that is “associated with collegial enquiry, critical thinking and expanding teacher repertoires” (Blasé and Blasé, 1998)

Portswood Primary School has provided coaching training for a number of schools and in the past year the creation of coaching roles in Southampton schools has increased rapidly, particularly at Assistant Head level, showing the acceptance that coaching is integral to school improvement.


The PTSA offer a range of coaching support including;

½ day introduction to coaching courses either for individuals or for a team from a school. This includes in class observation of coaching in action.

3 x ½ day training package which includes a ½ day introduction at Portswood, a follow up ½ day of coaching in your own school and then more ½ days on a consultancy basis that can adapt to the needs of the school.

1 day coaching audit where your coaches could be observed, receive feedback, advice and support on the coaching programme your school offers.

The PTSA co-ordinates a Coaching & Mentoring network group that meets each half term to hear presentations by coaches, receive updates and share experiences. There is also a separate NQT Mentors network that is newly established and, again, open to all.

This training can be adapted for senior or middle leaders and can respond to the needs of the school.


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