Information for Schools

School Direct (SD) is an Initial Teacher Training route which prides itself on its school-centred approach.

It enables schools and groups of schools to recruit the trainees that best meet their needs, with the expectation that those teachers will go on to work in the group of schools where they trained. With School Direct you can hand-pick the graduates you want and train them the way you want. School Direct is a way of ‘growing your own’ teachers and future leaders; it can make a key contribution to your school improvement strategy and help the continuing professional development of your staff. It offers careers, not just teacher training.

  • You’re more likely to recruit the right person for you.
  • You can customise the training to suit the needs of your school and trainee.
  • Build stronger partnerships with other local schools, across teaching phases, and teacher training providers.
  • You can develop staff within your school’s unique ethos from day one.

Portswood Teaching School Alliance is pleased to be working with a number of Southampton-based schools offering School Direct placements for 2020-21 in partnership with the University of Southampton.

“The PTSA School Direct programme has provided a rich pipeline of quality trainees who have gone on to be successful teachers with us.  The recruitment crises of a few years ago has lessened because we have been able to ‘grow our own’”

PTSA partnership school